The Best Free Wi-Fi Spots at SXSW Interactive

For many people coming in for SXSW, this is a work-cation, meaning you won’t be treading too far from your lap top.  The tough part is figuring out where to plug in and gain internet access in all the chaos, but we are here to help!

Free Wi-fi SXSW Austin

Here are our top five places in Austin to get some work done and grab a cup of joe, we can’t promise they won’t be packed but we can promise wireless internet and convenience!

1) Once Over

Once Over SXSW Austin wi-fi


Located on the hip S 1st st, Once Over is a quiet escape from the busy shops and traffic.  While S 1st is filled with vintage shops and mexican restaurants, Once Over is a sleek coffee shop tucked behind in to a shopping center.  Whether you enjoy sitting at the bar with your lap top talking to the locals or sitting on the back porch tucked in the trees, this place is a great option for coffee and wi-fi!

2)  Jo’s Coffee

Jo's Coffee Austin wi-fi Austin

On the bustling S Congress street, Jo’s may just be the best cup of coffee in town.  It’s the perfect spot to plug in, and people watch.  The coffee shop is an outdoor stand with a porch filled with tables next to it.  If you’re someone who likes to still be part of the action, this is the coffee shop for you.  S Congress is a hip shopping area filled with new and vintage clothing stores, including the famed boot shop, Allen’s Boots.

3) Cenote Coffee

Cenote coffee SXSW Austin

A bit off the beaten path but definitely still in the thick of the action, Cenote is located on the East Side of town.  The inside is cozy with plenty of seating but if the nice Austin weather entices you, there are picnic tables outside.   If it’s been a hectic day and you need to unwind, the great part about Cenote is they serve alcoholic beverages along with coffee.  You can treat yourself to an end of the day beer because, hey, you’re in Austin!

4)  Thunderbird Coffee

Thunderbird Coffee SXSW Austin


This hip spot is the best place to plug in your lap top because they have a lot of outlets.  It isn’t right downtown so in this busy time, it may be a bit less crowded than coffee shops located in more central areas.  Like Cenote, Thunderbird offers alcoholic beverages as well as coffee.  They also have an extensive selection of pastries and some delicious breakfast and lunch items.   A great spot to relax away from the chaos.

5) Patika Coffee

Patika Coffee Austin SXSW

This coffee stand in the heart of downtown is the perfect spot to stop and return some e-mails.  Going with Austin’s food truck trend, the coffee truck was the natural progression.  Though it’s a truck, there is seating here as well.  There is the chance of this stand being crowded during SXSW because it’s in a central location but if you have some time, the coffee is worth the wait!

Known for our food more than our coffee, we hope this list helps you to find wi-fi and some caffeine to keep you going through the insanity.  Stay tuned to our Twitter for more SXSW tips this week!