How to Grow an Assisted Living Community in 2024

Assisted Living Community

Advertising and marketing strategies have changed significantly over the past couple of decades. This applies to virtually all industries and businesses, even ones where the target audience is an older demographic.

If you run a senior living community, you may have found yourself promoting your business through print media to prospective residents and their family members. However, these groups have become increasingly more comfortable using technology and a digital approach is now more effective. You can improve your revenue this year by reaching more people in this way.

Use Google Ads 

Senior communities can grow through the use of Google Ads, just like other businesses. As seniors and their families search online for communities close to them, they’re more likely to stop on sites that rank high on Google searches.

The concept is simple. You create an ad for your business that includes text, banners, and even video. You’ll pay a small fee every time a user clicks on your ad. The goal is to increase traffic to your website and eventually convert that visitor into a customer. Your Google Ad should include a clear call to action, too.

Writing for Hootsuite, Michelle Martin recommends: “For conversion-focused pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, keep your call to action simple and descriptive for exactly what you want the viewer to do.”

Update Your Google Business Profile

Another simple tool to help promote your assisted living community is your Google Business Profile. The profile will show up when someone searches for assisted living communities in their area or within a certain area they choose. Your profile will also appear on Google Maps, along with your business name, address, website, and phone number. Make sure the information is current and accurate.

Use SEO        

Search engine optimization is a tried-and-true method. By using relevant keywords on your website and Google Business Profile, you can push your website to rank at or near the top of online searches related to assisted living. This practice can drive more traffic to your website, thus giving your business more visibility. Fortunately, there are plenty of free keyword research tools you can use to figure out the right keywords for your website.

Use Social Media  

Seniors don’t shy away from social media, particularly Facebook. You can use your social media presence to build relationships and trust with potential residents. It can be a great way to provide information, answer questions, and steer interested prospects to your community.

Improve Website Features

Seniors continue to hop online and do their research. Many senior communities are finding success connecting with potential new residents through their websites. For example, seniors enjoy the idea of chatting online with senior community management and getting information about pricing, unit layouts, and amenities.

Senior Housing News reports that one community, in particular, lists its website chatbox as its best source of lead generation. An article quoting a vice president of sales and marketing of MMBK Senior Living pointed out: “It was surprising. I thought it would be [spam] coming into our databases, but it’s actually qualified people who just want information quickly — they don’t want to have to pick up the phone on that initial contact.”

By turning to these digital marketing tools, you can grow your business this year. The assisted living community industry continues to be a crucial one for seniors and their loved ones. Make yours stand out in 2024 with these strategies.

Our team has helped multiple senior living communities keep their census numbers up through the internet. To get help grow your assisted living community in 2024, contact Search Pros today.