How to Market Your Memory Care Community With Compassion

Memory Care

With the number of memory care communities in the country continuing to rise, the competition is as fierce as ever. If you plan on promoting your memory care community and programs, you must be smart about it.

An effective marketing campaign should resonate with the audience. It doesn’t have to be big to reach your target market. Here are some strategies to market your community with compassion and empathy for maximum return on investment.

Understand Empathy-Based Marketing

An empathy-based or empathetic marketing strategy enables you to establish a strong emotional connection with older adults with memory problems and their families. You can do this by showing your target audience that you care enough to see things carefully from their perspective. This means that you’ve put yourself in their shoes to understand what they’re going through.

“To get empathetic marketing right, it must be personalized and genuine,” according to i2c Chief Marketing Officer Christine Alemany in a Harvard Business Review article.

Creating surveys, joining discussions on social media and forum sites, and participating in community conversations are some steps you can take to connect to your audience. You can then learn more about the challenges they face daily due to their conditions. From there, develop a campaign that addresses your market’s pain points.

Tailor Your Marketing Campaigns to Your Audience

Adopting online marketing strategies can help you extend your market reach. Make it easy for seniors and their families to find and connect with you. When writing content, choose topics that are informative and empathetic. This will make your memory care community accessible to those who need you and build up your company’s authority at the same time.

Remember to leverage social media platforms. Don’t just create a Facebook or Instagram page. These platforms are not just for interactions but are also tools for storytelling and nurturing community relations. Share valuable information and connect with your target audience to foster trust and a sense of community.

Connect to Your Audience Through a Well-Designed Website

You should have a well-designed website, even if you’re a local memory care community. Your target audience should be able to find you with a few taps on their mobile phone. Create a website that’s visually appealing, user-friendly, and informative.

Potential residents and their families will do online research about your facility, so ensure you have all the necessary information, including your physical address and contact information. Also, make sure to create a mobile-friendly website.

According to the Forbes Communications Council, “Today’s websites must be responsive and mobile-friendly since many site visitors use mobile devices.”

Train Your Staff and Sales Personnel

Word-of-mouth marketing is still the best way to promote a business or service. So, how do you encourage your residents and their families to promote you? You provide them with the best service you can. The key to attracting potential residents is providing them with helpful information and genuine care rather than just focusing on closing a sale.

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