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4 Ways Everyday People Make Money Online

One of my friends is now learning the ropes of internet marketing. I'm a little further down the road than he is. As I thought about this whole process again, it made me wonder: How does somebody make money online? There are four ways that regular, everyday people make money online. These four way...
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‘Free’ Pays The Bills

Business models are a dime a dozen. Some work in one situation but completely fail in another. Markets are not all the same - but then again, that's what makes business fun and unpredictable. Find the right model for the right market and you have a winning business. Although not a business model,...
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The Power of Words

Words are powerful. Words launch armies. Words elect presidents. Words land you jobs and words convince someone to marry you. But words can do more than that - words can persuade you to take another step along a path where you ultimately pull out your credit card. Words convince you to buy somethin...
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