3 SEO Strategies I Put to the Test This Month

At the beginning of the month, I let you in on 3 SEO strategies I would put to the test in order to gain new content partners and boost SEO.  As promised, here is my follow up post to let you know how my new strategies worked out.

1)  Finding Content Partners

This month, I tried to use alternatives to Link Prospector to find content partners.  Instead of using my go to site, I looked up the top blogs in each of my content partner categories.  My most successful search occurred when I typed “Top SEO blogs that allow guest posts.”  Through this search, I was linked to many articles that contained the top SEO blogs for guest posting.  This proved to be an effective method because instead of sifting through links only to find many of the blogs don’t allow guest posting, I was immediately connected to 50 blogs that did.  Though this method proved successful for SEO blogs and design blogs, it proved less successful for other categories.  This method was not as successful for finance blogs.

2)  Communication Through Social Media

Blog owners get hundreds of e-mails a day requesting content partnership.  This month, I decided to try requesting content partnership through social media rather than e-mail.  For this, I Twitter and Facebook messaged potential content partners rather than e-mailing.  I found this method to be less successful than e-mailing.  Connecting through social media can be positive on the level of retweets and casual messages but when looking to use this for content partnerships, your message can often be lost in the shuffle.

3) Linking to Assets

This month, I tried using the assets of our clients websites in order to get links.  To do this, I sent links to helpful and informative articles from our clients’ websites, hoping possible content partners would link back to our clients’ sites.  This method did help in securing content partnerships.  The possible partners looked at the content and this helped in collaborating.  It allowed me the opportunity to write guest posts for sites but I was unsuccessful in getting the potential partners to link to the clients’ sites without writing a guest post for the site.  I found highlighting the assets of our clients did get me more connections in the end.

I hope my trying these new strategies can help you with your own SEO challenges.  Stay tuned to see what new strategies we will try next month!