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What’s a hero message and three good examples of how companies connect with their target audience members.


There’s so much to know about digital marketing it’s hard to know where to start optimizing. If you already have a business, do you build a better website or do you start buying keywords on Google AdWords? Maybe you want to do SEO? Or create an affiliate marketing program will help you grow?

But this is very important.

Before you even think about growing your traffic or implementing the latest design on your website, you need to think about your core message.  A great place to start doing something that is with your hero message.

Quick shoutout to Sean Bell at for this excellent idea. I work with Sean to help grow law firm leads.

What Is A Hero Message?

The hero message connects your organization to your target audience.

In the last video, we discussed how it’s vital you understand who you are and who you serve as an organization first. That’s a foundational piece of your digital marketing success.

Once you have a clear idea of who you are and who you serve, you need to connect yourself to your target audience. The hero message does that.

Let me show you what I mean with 3 examples.

Example #1: The Barber Law Firm – Personal Injury Lawyer in Dallas, Texas

Barber Law - Search Pros
Example from

In this example at The Barber Law Firm, a personal injury law practice in Dallas, Texas, we have one single message for every homepage visitor: “Settle for More.” There’s also a “Free Consultations.” And “You Don’t Pay Unless We Win.” message to go along with the core hero message, but the implication of the hero message of “Settle for More.” is clear.

If you work with The Barber Law Firm, you should expect to get a better monetary result from your personal injury case. It’s the connection between the Barber Law Firm and their target audience.

Again, the hero message connects your organization to your target audience. The Barber Law Firm does a great job of that by including that message on their homepage right next to a team of legal pros.

Example #2: Sundance Memory Care Communities – Assisted Living Community in Houston, Texas

Sundance Memory - Search Pros

Example from

Sundance Memory Care Communities is an assisted living community out of Houston Texas. Although their hero message is short, it’s a good example of connecting their organization with their target audience. In this case, they’re most likely talking to the adult children of a mom or dad who needs memory care. But look at what they do:

“Affirming Purpose: A New Kind of Memory Care”

It’s short. It contrasts their offering with other communities in that they give mom or dad a purpose to keep living. And it’s descriptive: they offer memory care.

Again, the hero message connects your organization to your target audience. Sundance Memory Care Communities does a good job by including that hero message on their homepage above the fold.

Example #3: An SEO Software Company - Search Pros

Example from

Finally, we saved the best for last. is an SEO software company. They build software to help companies get found on Google. And look at their hero message:

“5 billion searches are performed every day. Be found.”

Again, the hero message connects your organization to your target audience. Moz alludes to what they do in the hero message (something about online searching) and talks about the need of their audience: to be found when someone is searching for you. It’s simple, includes a number, and a promised benefit to companies: to be found.

What Is Your Hero Message?

Have you written your hero message yet?

Have you connected your organization to your target audience with a one liner? If not, then get started. Try to formulate who you are, then write out who you serve, and finally connect your organization to your target audience member. It’s harder than it looks, but it’s so worth it if you want to improve your digital marketing.

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