Video Pro Tip #3: Nail Your Value Propositions

Nail Your Value Propositions - Search Pros

What is a value proposition, two companies that present great value propositions, and why you need them.

Before you build a house, you need a good foundation.

The same is true in digital marketing. Last week we talked about getting a Hero Message. That’s huge to connect your target audience to your company in a one-line message. But it doesn’t stop there. This week, we cover value propositions.

Once more: a special shout-out to Sean Bell who gave me this idea when we worked on a law firm consulting project. It helped our client and it’s going to help you too. Let’s dig in.

What Is A Value Proposition?

After you create your hero message, you need to solidify your value propositions. A value proposition is an innovation, service, or feature that makes a company or product attractive to customers. In other words, a value proposition is a compelling reason for a prospect to buy from you.

The best way to learn about value propositions is to show you. Here are 2 good examples.

Example 1: A Place For Mom: Connecting Families to Senior Living

This website ( presents 5 value propositions on their homepage:

A Place For Mom - Value Propositions - Search Pros

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A Place For Mom Value Propositions

  1. Dedicated local advisor
  2. Hand-picked list of communities to match your needs
  3. Full details and pricing
  4. Help scheduled tours
  5. Move-in support

All of these value propositions are reasons why a person needing assisted living might want to connect with A Place For Mom. These 5 reasons are relevant and hyper-targeted for people needing help for an aging parent.

Example 2: Shamrock Asset Management: Wealth Management in Dallas

This website ( presents 3 value propositions on their homepage:

Shamrock Advisors Value Propositions - Search Pros

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Shamrock Advisors Value Propositions

1. Experienced Professionals
2. Risk Managers
3. Fiduciary

I like these value propositions from Shamrock Asset Management because they’re short. Next, they speak to Shamrock’s target audience: risk averse and cautious investors. And finally, there are only three. If they had 10, it would be too many. And these 3 reasons give prospects a reason to do business with Shamrock.

Importance of Value Propositions

Value propositions are essential to your digital marketing success.

You may be able to attract clients through ads, social media, or SEO – but if you can’t give prospects compelling reasons to keep talking to you, they will hit the back button never to be seen again.
Nail those value propositions and you’ll earn the right move forward with your prospects and onto the sale.

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