Why State Farm Agents Need to Advertise

Benefits of Advertising a State Farm Agency and How State Farm Agents can Compete in the New Digital Landscape.

Today, advertising is a significant part of our lives; whether we are watching TV, listening to the radio or driving, we are constantly being bombarded with companies convincing us why we should buy their services and products. While some advertisements have a positive impact, others are easily dismissed.

State Farm Insurance Agents are in a highly-competitive market. That makes advertising the most effective solution of getting the upper hand against their competitors. The competition is not just against other competing firms, but also other State Farm Agents. State Farm Agents need to market their service and increase their visibility to gain new business.

Advertising for State Farm Agents

As a State Farm Agent, you need to develop ways that set you apart from fellow State Farm Agents and insurance companies. Some of the areas you need to focus on for an effective advertising strategy include the plans you offer, price points, and customer service. It is essential for insurance agents to provide clients with pertinent information that addresses their questions regarding the insurance services you offer. It is proven that most customers are more concerned with access to informative, friendly content, which is as essential as the cost of the plans.

A State Farm Agent is more than just a person who provides valuable products, but someone clients trust to protect their assets and livelihood. We have discovered that good advertising helps policyholder retention, especially when clients are ready to buy again, and you’ll be the first State Farm agent your customers recommend to their friends.

Benefits of Advertising for State Farm Agents

Choosing the right advertising strategy as an insurance agent is vital for building credibility and trust which will drive more sales and retain customers longer. Here are several benefits that State Farm agents get by opting to advertise:

     1. Maintain Policyholder Attention

We help State Farm agents design an effective advertising strategy that keeps customers informed and updated – and thinking about you when it happens. It is estimated that at least 68% of consumers take time to read content from a service provider they trust or a brand they are interested in. As a State Farm Agent, the brand name has already done half the work, and what’s left is for you to advertise the services you provide.

    2. Build, Maintain, and Strengthen Relationships

State Farm is a nationally recognized brand with millions of policyholders who rely on them. It can be challenging to build a one-on-one relationship with all the customers as an agent, and actualizing an effective advertising strategy is crucial in building credibility. Statistics show that 78% of policyholders believe in meaningful content to build good relationships with service providers. Whether a post on Facebook or a scheduled email, a State Farm agent must ensure it contains essential information.

     3. Good ROI of Marketing Dollars

Good advertising guarantees a return on investment from existing policyholders and translates to an increase in new business. The reality is that most of the business State Farm agents get is from existing clients, either adding to their policy or referring prospective customers. 

Why Search Pros for Advertising Your State Farm Agency

With years of experience helping various companies in different industries grow through effective advertising, we can quickly ensure that the content used reaches the intended audience. We specialize in local SEO, content, and paid advertising. 

We can help you establish a system that guarantees potential and current customers quick access to the information they need. With technology making access to information faster than ever before, Search Pros can help you take advantage of this fact, turning it into an advantage in separating you from other insurance agents.

Search Pros has a proven advertising process designed to take you to the next level in the digital market. Contact us today to get a free growth plan!