4 Benefits of Local SEO for State Farm Agents

According to BIA & Kelsey Group, 97% of people search online before shopping at a local business. This will only increase with more “near me” searches surfacing. If your business as a State Farm Agent isn’t locally optimized, that’s bad – because your competing State Farm Agents are likely doing using local SEO. It’s profitable and a less expensive marketing technique that needs to be mastered for optimal State Farm Agency growth.

What is Local SEO?

Search Engine Optimization – SEO for short – is the act of enhancing your site and its contents in such a way to attract the attention of search engines algorithms like that of Bing, Google, and Yahoo.
Although the goal of SEO is to enable a business to rank high in search during a specific search in a niche, local SEO considers the geographical location.
Local SEO includes location-specific keywords and back-links just like traditional SEO. These are targeted towards local web traffic and real customers. For local SEO, this is done in addition to adding location-specific words and local citations to rank higher for State Farm Agent-related search queries.

Four Benefits of Local SEO

Growing State Farm Agents depend on local customers to grow their business. If, however, you are still skeptical about what you get to enjoy from getting Local SEO, then here are 4 reasons to change your mind.

Increase Online Visibility

Aside from the paid ads feature often at the top of search results, the first five results get 67.6% of clicks by users. If your Agency is not on the first page of the search results, you are highly likely to be unknown to your target customers.
The number of potential customers searching for your business as a State Farm Agent is high, and it’s best to put your State Farm Agency where you can be seen. This is where Local SEO comes in. It helps increase your visibility by placing you among the top results during a web search.

Build Local Authority

A State Farm Agent that ranks high during a search is more likely to be trusted by potential customers as they assume the business is certified by Google. Hence, pushing your business to the top search result makes it easy for customers to see you and quickly trust your Agency. When this happens, these prospective customers will feel more comfortable referring your business to others since the trust is already there.

Reduced Ad Costs

Paying for ads can be costly in the long term, but you do not have to thanks to local SEO traffic. Most customers are searching for State Farm Agents on Google or Google Maps. If you can use Local SEO to improve your business visibility, you inadvertently get free traffic from Google.

Increased Sales

Local SEO makes you more visible to local customers, making it easy to convert your website visits into real policy and product sales. In a situation where potential customers are not ready to do business with you, being close to you makes it easy for them to come to buy or renew policies.

Go Local SEO with Your State Farm Agency

Local SEO is great for State Farm Agents. It not only enhances your visibility but also makes your business credible without breaking the bank. There are many more benefits to enjoy, so why not stay ahead of the competition as a State Farm Agent and go local?!
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