Why HVAC Companies Need to Advertise

If you are ready to grow your HVAC company by investing in online ads, you may not be sure where to start. One of the most common types of online advertising is PPC or “pay-per-click”. PPC ads can be a great way of growing your HVAC company if you understand how to use them. Here are a few reasons why PPC advertising may be the right move for your HVAC company.

PPC Basics for HVAC Companies

PPC ads are simple text or banner advertisements that appear on Google, other search engines, or websites. When a user clicks on your ad, you pay for the click (hence the term: pay-per-click). You only pay when someone clicks on the ad, so it doesn’t matter how many times your ad is displayed. It only affects your ad budget when the user clicks through to your website. This means that even if they don’t convert into customers, you know you are at least getting people

 to your website. (You’re not paying for people to ignore your ad.)

PPC Ads Raise Brand Awareness

Your website may rank highly on Google, but the search engine usually shows ads before the first organic results for HVAC companies. This means making use of Google Ads for HVAC can place your company’s information above all of your competitors. That increases the number of of times your prospects see your company’s information. In addition to your ad, your natural search result also appears on the results page where it normally would. This means you essentially get listed on the first page of Google twice, which can be incredibly helpful in increasing brand awareness, traffic, and leads.

Bring in More Leads

HVAC PPC advertising can also increase your leads, which in turn increases your sales. While SEO, blogs, and social media posts can eventually ramp up your lead generation, they take time to become successful. That’s not the case with PPC ads. As soon as you set up your Google Ad campaign, your ads are immediately available and will appear in any related searches. As long as you have set up your campaign correctly, your ads will appear in front of potential customers who are looking for your HVAC services.

In addition to working more quickly than your SEO or social media, PPC ads are also have advantages over other forms of HVAC company advertising. For example, they are more targeted. You know your ads only appear in front of people who have entered a related query into Google. Unlike print or billboard advertising where many people who see such an ad are not interested, everyone who sees your PPC ad is actively searching for HVAC companies in the area.

You Ads Appear Where the Most Users Are

At one time, many people looked for HVAC companies in the phonebook or local newspapers. Today, that’s not the case. An overwhelmingly large number of people go online to find heating and air services. If you don’t use Google Ads, you are missing out on potential customers.

The need for PPC ads does boil down to this: your potential customers are using Google to find HVAC services. If they see your ad, they’re likely to click on it and get in touch with your company. If you’re not on Google with PPC ads, one of your competitors will be. Don’t lose out on new leads and sales. Invest in PPC advertising and make it a regular part of your marketing budget.

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