Why Local SEO Is Vital to HVAC Companies


Many HVAC companies haven’t fully embraced online marketing because they don’t see the point. They may have a few social media pages and even a website, but they don’t pump a lot of money into marketing because they only provide services in a local area. The company owners don’t see the point of advertising online since they don’t have any potential customers outside of this area. 

However, the idea that SEO, especially local SEO, isn’t effective or useful for HVAC companies is a major misconception. In fact, local SEO is a vital part of any HVAC company’s marketing. Here are a few reasons why. As the we move into the summer months, boosting your local SEO is a great way of bringing in new customers.

Local SEO Focuses on Local Customers

Local SEO Services

Unlike standard SEO that works to get the attention of search engines for general searches, local SEO is focused on searches done in your area. For example, if your HVAC company is located in Atlanta, your local SEO will include keywords such as “HVAC Atlanta Georgia” and “Atlanta HVAC services.” Any search for an HVAC company in Atlanta or even Georgia is likely to return your website as a result.

With services, people often do include their location in the query. This is because they need someone who serves their local area. Just like you don’t need your website to attract potential customers from other parts of the country, these users don’t need to see HVAC companies in other locations. By including local SEO on your website, you’ll better match these queries.

You’ll Match “Near Me” Queries

In addition to matching queries for HVAC services in your specific city or state, your website will also show up in “near me” queries. This means if someone searches for “HVAC companies near me” and has their location turned on, Google will see where the user is and modify their search to include their city and state. Again, it will return your website if the location matches. 

Often, Google draws this information not from your website but from your Google My Business listing. You need to make certain you’ve claimed your listing and that you keep it updated with the correct information. While your website’s local SEO will help you rank in these searches, Google My Business is also a factor. Having both increases your chances of ranking higher.

 Local SEO Works Well with Mobile Searches

Most people have their location settings on their phones turned on, which means even if they search for “HVAC companies” without any location specified, Google will still prioritize results that are close to them. More and more searches are done on mobile devices today than on traditional computers or laptops, so you need to be ranking in these searches if you want to grow your customer base.

Another reason to rank in mobile searches is the convenience they provide. If a user searches on mobile, they typically have the option to immediately call you. In many cases, especially if you have a Google My Business listing active, your phone number appears alongside your listing. All the user has to do is tap the number to call you. The easier you make it for someone to contact you, the better.

These are just a few reasons why local SEO is so important for HVAC companies. Once you’ve updated your website to include some location keywords and claimed your Google My Business listing, you may be surprised at how many new customers you get.

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