Google My Business Optimization for HVAC Companies

Running an HVAC business can be tough. Especially when you’re generating leads. To get the most leads for your business, you’ll need to work with Google. There’s simply no bigger market for new prospective customers. Word of mouth is helpful, but it’s just not enough to bring in enough customers. That’s why using resources like Google My Business (GMB) pages are vital to your success. Further, in making a Google My Business page, you will enjoy the benefits of working with the biggest search engine in the world. 

What is a Google My Business Page?

A Google My Business page is your own little piece of Google real estate on the Google Map Pack. This is a page that shows up in normal Google search results but also shows on – one of the most widely used local apps on mobile devices. 

Think about it: when your prospect’s AC goes out in the hot summer, where is the first place they reach? Their cell phone. One of the main places they look is on Google Maps – exactly where your business can show up. 

To create a Google My Business page for your HVAC company, go here: 

Options to Help Your HVAC Google My Business Page

After you have created a GMB profile for your company, you want to fill out as much information as possible. That gives you the best chance at visibility and shows more attention to detail for potential customers. This also helps foster credibility about your HVAC company.

Some of the more commonly used information on these profiles are your working hours and days, contact phone number, email address, and any sort of health regulations you want to highlight. Beyond this, add photos, your logo, a cover image, and more to showcase your services and stand out to future customers. Google recently added attributes which can flag your business as being supportive of, or owned by, a minority group. 

Consistency is the Key in HVAC Google My Business

With all of the material and customization that is available on your Google My Business page, it’s important to make sure that all of the information is consistent across the internet. This means that your GMB page needs to accurately mirror information on sites like Yelp or Angie’s List. Also make sure that the page connects correctly to your website home page, and ensure consistency on all your social media profiles. Doing all of this will greatly help prospects find your HVAC company and pick your business over the competition. 

Extra Tips for Google My Business Optimization

After you have created your GMB page and verified that all the information on it is current and correct, you then should begin interacting on your page. HVAC companies usually set up their GMB pages with minimum information and never interact with customers. Those pages are pushed to the bottom of the results, under those company GMBs that are active. You can fight against this trend (even if you do not have many reviews) by doi0ng a two simple things. 

  1. First, post at least 10 pictures to your GMB page. They can be of your employees or recent work that was done, or something related to HVAC. Having those pictures automatically puts your business above the businesses who have not bothered to upload pictures. 
  2. Secondly, make sure that you are interacting on your GMB page. That shows Google you you are a current and interactive business and encourages Google to show more of your GMB in results which nets you more clicks and leads.

Search Pros Helps with Google My Business Optimization for HVAC Companies

This info should get you started on optimizing your HVAC company’s Google My Business page. To get the best results, call the professionals at Search Pros. We are a team of passionate digital growth professionals who have helped multiple businesses grow exponentially, and we have growth plans for HVAC companies.