Does PPC for Lawyers Still Work in 2024?

PPC for lawyers

Gaining legal clients grows your customer base. Wise law firms will try different tactics to generate more visibility and attract people who are looking for a good lawyer. Pay per click advertising, or PPC, has long been a popular way to get prospective customers to company websites. It has also been an effective method for law firms to use.

Though some marketers may insist PPC is no longer viable, it’s likely they’re selling TikToks or other social media. The benefits of PPC are still alive and well for your law firm in 2024.

What Is PPC?

With PPC, your law firm can place ads that appear on Google searches and social media sites such as Facebook. These are targeted ads that you will pay for but only if users click on them. The ads typically appear at the top of the page and will be marked “sponsored.”

How Can PPC Benefit Your Law Practice

PPC helps your firm to be more visible to those conducting web searches or browsing on social media. LinkedIn points out, “Unlike organic SEO efforts that require time to gain traction, PPC delivers immediate results. Once your campaign is up and running, your ads will be live, driving traffic to your website, and potentially converting leads into customers right away.”

In addition, PPC is economical. You oversee how much you spend on the ads, as you can set spending limits according to your budget. You’ll also be able to reach quality leads by using keywords that interesting people use to look for your services. You can also track how many clicks your ads are getting and what the conversion rates are. Diverse metrics are available to show you where you are succeeding and where you may need to make adjustments.

PPC and Law Firms

When someone is seeking legal help, that person typically wants solutions and wants them quickly. For a person in need, it can be overwhelming to find an attorney with the right experience and skills to take a case. Online searches on Google and Bing produce results almost instantly, showing people potential law firms to contact.

When your firm uses PPC, Google search results will show up at the top, so people see them right away. The ads stand out, helping your firm have greater visibility than the competition. Plus, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to gain more attention in this way. Just make sure you use effective keywords and spend the budget to be there when your clients are looking for what you do. You should even include the city in which you do business and the type of law you practice in your keywords, too.

In 2023, we published a case study for how our team helped an immigration lawyer improve their lead flow by 480% in only four months using PPC alone. Checkout the case study here.


Case Study

PPC remains one of the smartest ways to drive traffic to your website, gain leads, and eventually generate more clients. This is not an antiquated method or one only reserved for retail businesses. If you are looking for ways to grow your law firm and add to your client base, use PPC advertising. Target the clients that are looking for your legal services right now.

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