Learn More About SEO in the Fashion Blog Realm

Last weekend was the Super Bowl, but this week is bigger the Super Bowl for the fashion world as New York Fashion Week takes place in New York City.  Many blog posts have been written about what we can learn from Super Bowl commercials but I’d like to share what I’ve learned about SEO from observing the fashion world–specifically the bloggers.

Fashion blogging has exploded in the past few years with designers and stores taking notice.  You may have seen leader of the blogging pack, Tavi Gevinson on late night television shows like Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel live.  Gevinson began blogging at age eleven and now, at sixteen designers not only use her for their campaigns but ask her to “approve” their collections–even get inspiration for collections from her style.

Gevinson is considered the top fashion blogger with thousands of hits per day on her personal blog, The Style Rookie and 125.1K followers on Twitter.

So what does all this have to do with SEO you ask?  It is not overnight that a person goes from being a personal style blogger to fashion inspiration.  Though I am explaining all this to you in the context of fashion blogging, it is easy to take what I’m saying and intertwine within your SEO profession.

1) Get Noticed

With millions of style blogs out there how do certain fashionistas get noticed?  Tavi Gevinson claims she gained followers by commenting on other fashion blogs.  When you show other blogs love, they are likely to show you love back.  Comment on other SEO blogs and leave a link to your own in the comments, this gets more traffic coming your way both from the site and fellow commenters.

Fashion bloggers also get noticed using fashion “community” websites such as Chictopia where they can post their daily outfits and “like” other users.  For us in SEO, the best ways to get noticed are in SEO Community forums like the one on SEO Moz and SEO groups in LinkedIn.

2) Sell Your Personal Brand

Fashion bloggers share their own world with the Internet.  They share everything from the music they listen to, to what their home looks like and make people want to be a part of that world.  That is why followers keep a close eye on what they’re up to and when new posts come out.  While, it’s a bit different in SEO since we aren’t trying to sell a personal brand as much as a company brand it is still important to keep your personal brand interesting and available.

Show some personality in your on-line presence by integrating some of yourself in to your blog, Twitter, and Facebook posts.  Make your Instagram available so people can see what you do besides SEO in your day-to-day life.  Showing some color will not only make clients more likely to want to work with you (because of your creativity), it also will gain you a larger on-line audience.

3)  Collaborate

A big part of fashion blogging is collaborating with brands to promote the brand and blogger.  This method can certainly work for SEO, and happens often with guest blogging.  Another way we can use this method in SEO is interviewing people for our blogs.  By interviewing someone who is big in the SEO field they will gain notoriety through your blog post and you are likely to get a link from their various outlets.

It is always important to look outside your realm to gain insight in building your on-line presence.  I hope by taking a peek in to the world of fashion blogging you gained more knowledge in your own field of SEO.