3 Tools to Optimize Twitter for SEO

When the key to Twitter for SEO is content, content, content it is important to make sure your own feed is constantly flowing, here are some tools to help you make this task a little easier.

Keeping people interested in your Twitter account means keeping your content flowing.  While some may use the method of Tweeting whenever a new 140 character thought pops in to their head, there are tools to make Tweeting just a little more convenient.  There is one to help your Twitter time management, one to help your follower account management, and one that allows you to track your progress, gain followers, and do just about anything else an SEO pro would need for Twitter.

1) Buffer App

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 11.40.37 AM

The Buffer App has become my new best friend.  When you link your Twitter (and/or Facebook) to this app, it allows you to “buffer” your tweets.  When you add a tweet in to the buffer, it puts it on deck to be automatically tweeted out at a designated time.  Buffer sets tweets up to be sent out at 8:47 AM, 11:47 AM, 4:15 PM, and 7:55 PM–these times are made to coordinate to when most people are checking their Twitter accounts.  You can add 10 tweets to your que at a time making it easy to line them up for the following three days from when you visit your buffer.

Instead of spending a chunk of time deciding what to tweet each day, the buffer allows you to set yourself up for a good chunk of the week.  You can still live tweet in between what you buffer but it is helpful to know that even on a busy day, you’re still getting your content out to the twitterverse.  You can even buffer your retweets and the option shows up directly in your tweet box.

2)  Tweet Deck

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 11.47.10 AM

When you have a large Twitter feed like we do, Tweet Deck is a great tool to stay on top of what is happening in the twittersphere.  As you can see in the photo above, it organizes your feed in to categories timeline, interactions, messages, and activity.  You can also create your own categories which helps you keep an eye on specific users you want to maintain interaction with.  Building Twitter relationships is always important to an SEO business model and Tweet Deck makes them easy to maintain and build by putting users in various categories.

3) Followerwonk

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 5.04.23 PM

The Followerwonk tool is SEO for social media’s best friend.  With this we can track our gained and lost followers each week, analyze our tweets and re-tweets, and much more.  You can also search bios to find users in your field.  Our favorite part?  Since we use SEO Moz Pro we get extra perks within the Followerwonk app like the ability to follow users directly from the bio search.  It is a great app to get a handle on your traffic and what aspects you can use to your advantage to improve traffic.

We hope learning about these apps has been as helpful for you as using them has been for us!