Grow Your Law Firm with Google Ads

Grow Your Law Firm with Google Ads

Grow Your Law Firm with Google Ads 

In any industry, it’s crucial to generate revenue through new and returning customers and clients. This can happen through marketing and advertising efforts. Professions like legal services should follow this approach to grow. Using Google Ads can be an effective way to spark interest in your law firm and eventually get clients to use your expertise. Using Google Ads is not as difficult as it may seem. If you follow some basic steps, you can get new clients for your law practice. 

What Are Google Ads, and How Do They Work?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that allows you to make your own online ads for your organization. These ads are designed to find people looking for the types of services you offer. By using Google Ads search campaigns, your firm can gain greater prominence as prospects search for your services. You pay for Google for each click that displays when people search for terms on Google that are relevant to your business. You will only pay for website clicks and business calls (NOT when the ads are displayed). You can also customize your Google Ads to target a local audience which is pretty important for a local law firm. 

Start With Your Law Firm Website

Before you begin a Google Ads campaign, make sure you have an attractive landing page. Your website needs a good landing page complete with the following elements:

  • Compelling headline
  • Fast load time
  • Professional-looking design 
  • Intuitive, easy navigation 
  • Simple forms that are easy to find
  • Law firm phone number

Professional website design is especially important for law firms. According to Google

Since you’re asking people to share somewhat personal information, the design and content of your site matters. Remember, if your site doesn’t come across as trustworthy and professional, your visitors are less likely to submit their information.”

Improve Your Law Firm Ad Campaigns

Your next step is to create an effective campaign. Your goal needs to be to ensure that your law firm’s name comes up when people search for legal services you offer. You’re more likely to see more traffic when you carefully craft a search campaign. First, use long-tail keywords. These should be at least three words, preferably more. These should be specific and can even mention the city where your firm is located. Don’t be afraid to adjust your keywords if necessary and run multiple variations of the same ad with different keywords. 

Aim to Reach Qualified Law Firm Prospects

Max Freedman says, “The people Google sends to you are more likely than people coming from other sources to become customers, opt in to your email list, request information, or take whatever action you want them to take.” 

Thus, when you set up a Google Ads campaign, you are preparing yourself to receive interest from people interested in and possibly ready to use your firm’s legal services. The prospective customers are ready to do something to enlist your help. 

You no longer have to struggle to find leads for your firm. By using Google Ads, you can better achieve your goals and have better visibility online.

If you need help navigating Google Ads for your law firm, contact us at Search Pros today.