The Complete Digital Marketing Checklist for Senior Living Communities

Digital Marketing Checklist - Search ProsWe recently compiled an ebook-length checklist for senior living community marketing. This checklist is designed to cover the essential areas of digital marketing for senior living communities so your community can compete in the local digital market.

The checklist covers 10 major areas to consider when marketing a senior living community including:

  1. Know Your Community
  2. Understand Your Market
  3. Get a Customer-Centric Website
  4. Optimize for Organic Search Traffic (SEO)
  5. Publish Great Content
  6. Distribute Across All Relevant Platforms
  7. Use Good Web Analytics
  8. Advertise
  9. Optimize Your Community Website for Usability
  10. Optimize Your Community Website for Leads

In addition, we’ve hidden some nuggets in there on the following pages…

  • Help define your core offering (pg. 2)
  • Make your website painfully obvious what you do to your prospects (pg. 4).
  • Optimize your website loadtime to under for search engines (pg. 5)
  • Connect your blog to an RSS feed (pg. 7)
  • Install Google Analytics (GA) for the best free web tracking (pg. 8).
  • List your property on the largest senior living referral service (on pg. 9).
  • Optimize your website for leads with essential tips (pg. 11).

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