Keep Blogging: Fight Writer’s Block & Find Inspiration

How to keep blogging by finding inspiration, answering questions, reading old posts, and staying motivated.

Blog for SEO

A key factor in SEO and link building is blogging.  Though it’s our job to have constant ideas to post for our clients and companies, one does not always have blog ideas flowing.  Sometimes, we sit down knowing it’s time to write and alas, the blog window is left blank for minutes, those minutes can turn in to hours, and before you know it you’ve wasted precious time that was supposed to have been spent working.  Before you dig yourself in to the hole of waiting for words to appear on the screen,  and failing to make them appear no matter how hard you stare, follow these tips to get your blog rolling.

1) Inspiration

Though it’s important to create unique content to draw visitors to your website and blog, a good way to get inspiration is to look at other blogs–especially blogs that are more established.  You don’t want to copy any of their content but reading what another writer had to say may spark something in yourself.  It also can help you be more creative in your own posts.  More established SEO blogs seem to often go the extra mile to come up with truly unique posts.  Seeing what a blog such as SEO Moz has to say, can inspire something in your own writing and encourage you to take a risk.  With articles like “How I Would do SEO for Rap Genius,” a blog like SEO Moz can give you the courage to take a risk with your subject matter

2)  Answer Questions

One of the many things that will attract readers to your blog and website, is searching for answers.  After all, we read SEO blogs to gain more knowledge in our field and other SEO gurus do too.  The best way to find out what readers want to know, is to google phrases such as “top SEO questions.”  It is also useful to read the message boards and comment sections of other blogs in the field of your writing.  Twitter also often has users reaching out for answers.  Looking for questions on Twitter is not only a good way to gain inspiration, but to gain followers as well.  If you do write a blog post answering someone’s Twitter question, be sure to @ reply them with the link to the blog.

Not only can you answer the questions of others, but think about any questions you have had in the past.  Blog posts are a great time to gain further knowledge in your field.  You may have to put more time in doing research, but it benefits you and your business in the end.

3)  Read Old Posts

Bloggers should always be looking to grow and improve, reading through old posts can help.  Going through what you’ve written allows you to asses what the blog has been lacking.  You can see what you have written about and what has been missing.  Diversity in subject matter is always important because it keeps readers coming back and keeps the blog interesting.  It can also cause you to push the limits and think outside the box to write something truly unique.

Instead of continuously refilling your coffee cup as you stare at your blank screen, next time you can think back to these steps.  Keep on typing fellow bloggers!