The Pluses of Google+ for SEO

Google+ is an untapped SEO resource.  Learn how to optimize your search capabilities using the social network Google built specifically for you and your business.

Google+ for SEO

It is no secret that Google+ is not the most popular social networking site.  I’ve never seen Google+ statuses listed on the news yet on election night, comments from Twitter and Facebook were read aloud.

I myself was curious to know why, with so many mediums for promoting a company on-line, it is important to keep a presence on Google+.  It would make sense for the social networking site to have power and importance for SEO since Google is the most used and reliable search engine on the net and as I learned why, it seemed like a no brainer, and like Google+ was tailored specifically for SEO.

1) Rank Higher in Google Search

Google+ has more influence on what shows up in Google searches than any other social networking site.  It works on both a company level as well as a personal level.  Your personal profile works much like Facebook allowing for a profile picture and background photo.

Facebook, however, has a block that does not allow Google and other search engines to link directly to most of its pages.  On Google+ you can even link your profile photo and background photo to another website, like your company website.  This way when your photo shows up in a Google search it will link whoever clicks on it to your website.

2) Everything is Linked Together

I consider Google+ to be somewhere between Facebook and LinkedIn in terms of its features.  It is definitely a place to keep a business presence because it is a very public forum, but also leaves room to show your personality.  One of my favorite features on LinkedIn is the bar that shows how complete your profile will look to business associates and Google+ has the same feature (though it doesn’t specify it is for associates).

The site certainly allows you to show personality in your posts and it can be used for business or personal but the repercussions of posting a Michael Scott style crude video are much greater because it could be linked back to you on Google’s search engine.  As long as you can avoid the obvious of not posting anything you would not want to be linked back to you or your company on a Google search, the benefits of everything that happens on Google+ filtering through the Google search engine are great.

3) “Likes” or “G+” Ranks You Higher

Using the business feature is especially beneficial.  By creating a business page, customers can “like” your page or comments with Google+.  Unlike Facebook, whose “likes” do little besides feed the ego or allow people to “fan” your business, all “likes” with Google+ effect both your rank in search results and your score in search results.

Google uses the Zagat scoring system which rates out of 30. When you search for a business, the ranking shows up along with user comments.  Because the ranking shows up, it is more beneficial to ask customers to “like” your Google+ and leave a comment than to ask them to write a positive Yelp review.  The more “likes” your page has on Google+, the higher it will show up in searches.  Every “like” received on Google+, even for what Facebook would call a “status update” helps to rank you and/or your business higher in the Google search engine.

This is why it is important to use the same SEO strategies you would use on your own website on your Google+ page, implementing key words and staying active with posts.  It should also be noted that Google registers everything that goes through Google+ faster than any other social media outlet because they are directly linked.

I have found that Google+ combines the best parts of each social media site and is a beneficial outlet to promote your company and personal brand.  Everything you do on Google+ will be connected, therefore connecting you and your company not only on the social media site but on Google itself.  When used correctly it is a positive and powerful tool and will help you stay ahead of the SEO curve.