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4X Lead Flow WITHOUT Enormous Management Fees – Guaranteed.

Are you a lawyer looking to improve your advertising results and grow your law firm?
We can help.

Our team has a decade of experience helping small and medium-size law firms (and other local businesses) generate consistent - and awesome - returns from their advertising.

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We understand the value of strong growth channels you can count on to grow your law firm. It allows you to focus on other aspects of your business while enjoying predictable growth.

Many lawyers may feel that advertising just won't work for them or that Google Ads or Facebook Advertising optimization is too complex to master. This is just not true.

Our proven process can help you 4X your lead flow through effective campaigns on Google Ads management.

Start-Up Immigration Lawyer:
How We 4X’d Leads in 4 Months

In 2022, a new immigration lawyer in the Houston, Texas market was aiming to grow her firm. Her team committed to growing on Google and began (safely) spending around $1600 in ad spend – and leads started rolling in. After they closed those initial leads, they began slowly increasing ad spend so that monthly lead flow rose from 20 in the first month to 116 in month 4 with only 123% more ad spend! That was a 480% improvement in lead flow in just 4 months! In addition, firm revenue also increased by a similar amount.

NOTE: We are still working with this client to grow their business.

We'll Work With You

To make irresistible offers, optimize your website, create high-converting ad copy, and track and optimize your campaigns to ensure maximum success.

Don’t waste any more time and money on expensive marketing agencies or unproven ad managers. Trust our team to help you scale your law firm. Plus, to give you peace of mind, we offer an almost unbelievable guarantee.

Make Back Your Management Fee
in 60 Days - Guaranteed.

If there’s a mutual fit to work together, you can hire us as your growth agency and we’ll do a 60-day trial. If it works out, we continue to work together and we scale your law firm as a team. If you don’t make your investment back in new contracts, then you get your investment back. That’s how confident we are in our abilities to help grow your law firm.

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