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Want to improve the visibility of your Houston-area business?

SEO is one of the best ways to do it. SEO, aka organic search optimization is how to get to the top of Google’s “free” listings without paying for exorbitant clicks from Google AdWords. Organic search benefits companies, non-profits, individuals and every type of organization every day. It drives online visitors looking for what you do – who would otherwise not know who you are. And lots of them.

In short, SEO helps get your business to the next level!

Houston SEO: Global Experience with A Texas Flair

Houston SEO Results - Search Pros
Personal Injury Lawyer Website: SEO sessions up +136%, new users up 157% in 17 months.

So you believe in SEO, but want a local, Texas partner to help?

There are many marketing partners to choose from. You probably want someone who achieves results in Google and is based in Texas. Search Pros, LLC is both a great SEO partner and based in the Austin-area. We’ve helped businesses like yours get awesome results in Google, Bing, and Yahoo – every week. And we’ve been driving leads since 2010.

Some of the benefits of SEO include…

Benefit #1: Grow Digital Credibility

Build SEO Credibility in Houston - Search Pros
Build Your Credibility in Houston Through SEO

Customers want easy-to-find websites and online properties when they’re looking for something. Whether it’s information, a new movie, or something you sell – they want to find it fast!

If your information shows up when customers are shopping for the products and services you offer, new prospects take notice. SEO helps your business get found quickly. With good search optimization, you can get your website listed on the top 2-3 organic rankings for target keywords – those same keywords customers are typing into their computers and phones. That builds your credibility and encourages more people buy from your company.

Benefit #2: SEO Makes Your Business More Visible

SEO Visibility Houston - Search Pros
Grow Your Visibility in Houston through SEO

SEO is based on keywords. Keywords are tiny windows into your target customers’ minds. These phrases are typed into search engines to find information that is scattered across billions of internet pages. It’s complicated, but keywords are vitally important.

Using keywords correctly can help you attract your target customers. You can target as broadly as the world or as narrowly as your zip code. Whatever prospects are typing into Google – you can target. Pretty cool, huh?

Benefit #3: One of the Best ROIs in Business

Content Marketing Example for SEO Houston - Search Pros
Content Marketing Website : 36,382 sessions, 20,732 new users, 1,178 email signups in 13 months – from scratch.

There should be a return on investment or ROI from every marketing dollar spent in marketing. Period.  SEO has the potential to return back 2X, 4X and even 20X back in sales for every dollar invested. Try getting that from radio or TV – if you can afford it. But to achieve good results you must choose the right SEO partner.

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