How we helped a local State Farm Insurance Agent (with State Farm SEO) improve total annual leads by 149.6% – and double-digit improvement for 5 years straight!

URL: (agent retired)
Website Focus: lead generation
Services Provided: SEO management, consulting and proprietary State Farm SEO
Business Type: business to consumer
Client Industry: State Farm Insurance Agent

Case Summary

The Search Pros team has worked with a State Farm Agent for years on organic search (SEO). In that time, we have observed SEO start as a modest source of leads to being the primary source of lead growth on a annual basis. Over the past 5 years, we saw consistent lead growth for the agent – an average of 31.2% improvement each year or a total of 149.6%.


State Farm Insurance Agents compete in a challenging market. Not only do they have to go against well-funded competitors like GEICO, Progressive, and Allstate, Agents are also aiming to overtake other State Farm Agents in the same market. However, State Farm Agents can level the playing field through SEO optimization or PPC marketing. If a State Farm Agent can improve their search results in Google, Bing, and other search engines, they will secure more leads on a consistent basis year after year.


Search Pros made some adjustments in our client’s SEO management in 2013 which began to improve results for our State Farm Agent client. We adjusted the type of links we acquired and made some on-site changes on the website. This can be very challenging for anyone working to optimize a State Farm Agent’s website. We also hired a new SEO project manager to help drive more results for our clients. Finally, we updated the website to the new M version of the website in early 2018. All of these adjustments helped improve results for our State Farm Agent client.



At the time of our SEO engagement, State Farm Agents could not install Google Analytics on their website. That’s why we don’t have Google Analytics data to share. In addition, SF website metrics were changed multiple times throughout the engagement – another reason we cannot show website data. But one thing that remained consistent was the in-office online leads reporting (not total leads).

In 2014, we saw a total of 234 online leads – not including phone or total leads. In 2018, we saw a total of 584 online leads, again not including total leads. Over the past 5 years, we saw consistent lead growth for our client – an average of 31.2% improvement each year – a total of 149.6%.

Overall, the client was very pleased with the improvement in organic search leads. Not only did traffic improve from a valuable traffic source (SEO), but interested leads improved at the same time consistently and year-over-year. This combination of improved traffic and more leads helped our client recently retire from his agency.

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