How we helped a small automotive parts distributor build out a sales channel and achieve 531% return-on-ad-spend in 7 months. 

Website Focus: specialty diesel engine parts
Services Provided: PPC / Google Ads / Bing Ads management
Business Type: business-to-consumer e-commerce sales on WooCommerce
Client Industry: automotive parts

Case Summary: Power Stroke Products Wins Google Ads in 7 Months with 531% ROAS

Power Stroke Products is a specialty retail business catering to owners and enthusiasts of Ford & Dodge Powerstroke diesel engines. They likely offer a range of products and accessories specifically designed for Powerstroke engines, such as performance upgrades, maintenance parts, accessories, and more. This includes performance tuners, exhaust systems, cold air intakes, and other engine components.

In 2023, Power Stroke hired us to generate sales from advertising on Google. We had previously worked in the industry and had been successful with similar products. So we launched the campaigns and started getting sales almost immediately. In 7 months, we had 53 order, booked $74,475.82 in revenue with only $14,014.01 in Google Ads spend. That resulted in over a 5X return on ad spend (531.4%).


power-stroke-ecommerce-orders-7-months-with Search Pros
E-commerce orders for Power Stroke Products over 7 months

Challenge: E-Commerce Difficult for Automotive Parts Industry 

Selling automotive parts on Google can be exceptionally challenging due to several factors. Firstly, the market is highly competitive, with numerous sellers vying for visibility and customers’ attention. This competition often results in high advertising costs, making it difficult for smaller businesses to compete effectively.

Additionally, automotive parts are typically specialized products, and customers may have specific requirements or preferences, such as brand loyalty or compatibility concerns. Ensuring that product listings are accurate and comprehensive, with detailed descriptions and specifications, is crucial but time-consuming.

Finally, the complexity of automotive parts and the technical nature of the products can make it challenging to convey value and differentiate oneself effectively in a crowded marketplace. Overall, selling automotive parts on Google demands a solid understanding of online marketing and also a deep knowledge of the products with the ability to adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

Understanding these challenges, Power Stroke Products hired Search Pros to develop an online sales channel for their company on Google.

Solution: Multiprong Paid Advertising Approach

  • Identified and targeted 100+ important keywords for top products
  • Built out and uploaded a relevant negative keyword list
  • Reviewed and addressed core issues for conversion optimization
  • Launched relevant ads to split-test in order to find the most compelling ad copy
  • Optimized campaigns until we hit 400-500% ROAS.
  • Launched Microsoft Ads campaigns when we wanted to expand on Bing.

Results: 531% ROAS on Automotive Products on Google Ads

The results of the new ad campaign were astonishing. Almost immediately after launching the campaigns they were profitable. In 7 months of running the campaigns, we had 53 order, booked $74,475.82 in revenue with only $14,014.01 in Google Ads spend. That resulted in over a 5X return on ad spend (531.4%). The client was very pleased with the results of the campaigns. 

Power Stroke Products Google Ads spend and results for 7 months.

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