How we helped a mid-tier senior living community company improve organic search users by 56% (and SEO-driven contact pageviews by 79%) last year.


Website Focus: lead generation
Services Provided: SEO management, consulting
Business Type: business to consumer
Client Industry: senior living community

Case Summary

Grand Brook Memory Care needed help driving more families to connect with their communities so they turned to Search Pros. We’ve been working with Grand Brook (formerly Stoneybrook) since 2014 we saw our biggest SEO boost since we started over the last 12 months. In the last year, SEO users improved 56%. In addition, contact pageviews improved by 79%. The client has been very pleased with results.


Our team has been working with for several years. One of the challenges of a long-term client is things can grow stale. Agencies tend to get complacent with clients who have been there for awhile, so our growth team fights against that trend with monthly and annual reviews and adjustments.


Search Pros made some adjustments in the SEO management in 2017 that began to dramatically improve results for We hired a new SEO project manager to help drive more results for our clients. We implemented new on-site changes including improving site speed, adjusting keywords, internal linking, and external link building. This really helped improve results for


Over the next 12 months, organic search users improved by 55.7% (9,174 vs 5,891) and organic search sessions rose by 57.0% (13,043 vs 8,306). In addition, SEO-driven contact pageviews rose by 78.6% (1,650 vs. 924).

Overall, the client is pleased with the improvement in organic search results. Not only did traffic improve from a valuable traffic source (SEO), but contacts improved at the same time. This combination of improved traffic and more contacts has allowed the client to stay on track to maintain community census numbers at or near capacity.

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