How we helped a prop trading firm establish a new lead channel and grow overall leads by 1581% while dropping cost per lead (CPL) by 74.9% in 7 months.

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Website Focus: lead generation
Services Provided: consulting, conversion optimization, PPC management
Business Type: business to consumer
Client Industry: proprietary trading firm

Case Summary

This trading firm needed to establish a new lead channel to grow their business so they turned to Search Pros to help with their search marketing. Now they are using Google Ads to generate consistent and more affordable leads in a brand new channel. Read the challenge, our solution, and the result below.


This proprietary trading firm was stuck getting leads from 2 primary sources. Though the sources sent good leads, the channels were not scalable. This problem would not allow the company to achieve their aggressive growth targets for the year.


Search Pros launched new Google Ads / PPC campaigns to establish a new marketing channel. This allowed the company to maintain current lead flow while establishing a new lead channel and scale overall leads.


We started the initial campaigns in March 2018. In that initial month, we spent $675.65 and only gained 11 leads at a cost of $56.22. After two months, we hit a snag with tracking in May 2018 due to a change in lead management software. After overcoming the challenge, we were back on track getting sub-$20 leads for 3 of the last 4 months of the campaign. In addition, we were able to scale leads to 185 while still maintaining sub-$20 leads ($14.11).

Comparing month 1 to month 7, total leads improved by 1581% (185 vs 11) and cost per lead decreased by 74.9% ($14.11 vs $56.22). Results were actually better earlier in the campaign, but the client wanted to hold off on growing leads until month 7. Overall, the client was very pleased with the performance, timing, and the new lead channel established by Search Pros.

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