How our chief strategist added over $1M to the top line revenue for a non-profit ecommerce organization.

URL: Anonymous
Focus: Ecommerce
Services provided: Google Ads management / PPC management
Business type: business-to-consumer (B2C)
Client industry: religious products

Case Summary

In January 2022, our chief strategist worked with an anonymous non-profit to manage their Google Ads accounts (both paid and Grant accounts). Through both accounts, the organization generated top line revenue gains of over $1,007,428 in assisted and last click conversion value with only $208K in ad spend. This resulted in 484% return on ad spend (ROAS) for both assisted and last click conversions as reported by Google Analytics.


The organization embarked on a new year in 2022 not having spent over $200K before in one year on Google Ads. But upper management was convinced there was enough opportunity in the Google Ads channel to spend more than in previous years.

In January 2022, they ramped up ad spend for a seasonal product. After testing various campaign types, the team found a winning campaign (Dynamic Search) and increased ad spend for that seasonal product on the paid account. In addition, ad spend continued on the proven Grant account which also generated healthy returns. Finally, the team launched another new campaign for a different seasonal product which generated even better results than the initial seasonal product.


Non-Profit Ecommerce PPC Results in 2022 (Direct-Only)

In 2022, the non-profit paid for a total of 176,786 clicks at $207,919.11 in ad spend paying on average $1.18/click. The net result was $687,114 in revenue at a direct ROAS of 330.4% direct return on ad spend (ROAS).

Non-Profit Ecommerce PPC Results in 2022 vs. 2021 (Assisted and Last Click Conversions)

In 2022, the non-profit saw a total of $555K in assisted conversions and $452K in last click or direct conversion value from paid search campaigns. Assisted conversion value was up 214% from the previous year and the last click conversion value was up 155% compared to 2021. The 2022 total was $1,007,427 in assisted and direct value per Google Analytics.

Cover photo by Artem Kniaz on Unsplash.