How we helped a global trading education company improve organic search traffic by 155% (and SEO sales by 108%) in 1 year.

Website Focus: lead generation
Services Provided: SEO management, consulting
Business Type: business to consumer
Client Industry: trading education (Elliott Wave)

Case Summary

NEoWave needed help growing organic search (SEO) traffic so they so they turned to Search Pros to help with their organic search marketing. Now they are using our team to generate consistent and more affordable leads from SEO. Read the challenge, our solution, and the result below.


This long-term, Elliott Wave trading education company had lost much of it’s organic search traffic because of neglecting SEO best practices. Although they were one of the first websites to publish information on ‘Elliott Wave Trading’ ( was registered in 1996), the site was no longer on the the top 10 pages in Google organic search results for some core terms.


Search Pros took over SEO management in July 2017 and implemented some basic SEO work, keyword research, refreshing content, and link building. We established a core set of keywords and began to go after more non-branded and branded traffic over the next 12 months.


Over the next 12 months, direct and organic sessions improved by 73.0% (30,532 vs 17,648). Organic search traffic alone improved by 155.0% (17,520 vs 6,872). In addition, direct and organic purchases rose 32.3% (328 vs 248) at the same time with most of the improvement in purchases coming from organic search – up 107.7% (108 vs. 52).

Overall, the client is pleased with the improvement in organic search results. Not only did traffic improve from a valuable traffic source (SEO), but sales have also followed suit. This combination of improved traffic and doubled sales has made for a compelling reason to continue optimization to get even better results in the next 12 months.

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