How we helped a Texas-based modular homes manufacturer grow from 400 to 3,148 users/month in 15 months thru SEO – a 687% Improvement!

Website Focus:
lead generation
Services Provided: SEO management, local SEO (LSO), consulting
Business Type: business to consumer
Client Industry: modular homes manufacturer

Case Summary

The Search Pros team started an SEO engagement with Modular Homes of America (client) in November 2017. In the first 15 months of working with the client, we have seen 400 users/month and 541 sessions/month grow to 3,148 users/month and 4,084 sessions/month. That’s a 687% improvement in monthly users and a 655% improvement in monthly sessions!

Although we bought some paid traffic in the middle of the engagement (1,009 users / 1,186 sessions), nearly all of the 32,012 users came from organic sources like Google organic, Bing organic, direct, etc.


We started optimizing in November 2017 – just a few months after it launched its first website. As with any new website, there’s always a challenge to get attention from the search engines in the proverbial sandbox period – typically 1 year after a site launches. However, we have experience with newer websites and knew how to overcome some of the typical search engine obstacles with a new site. If a new B2C business can improve their search results in Google, Bing, and other search engines, they will secure more leads consistently – that’s why it was critical we helped our client succeed.


Search Pros executed our process-driven SEO management in November 2017 by addressing all the foundational issues we discovered in our extensive technical audit. Afterward, we began updating the site by targeting pages on the website to better match search queries that actual customers were typing into the search engines using our proprietary keyword map process. We then began acquiring relevant backlinks that further improved the domain authority in the industry. Finally, we optimized some local map listings (Google My Business) in the cities the client wanted to target in Texas. All of these items really helped boost the authority of the website and overall traffic in a growing industry.


In November 2017, Modular Homes of America saw a total of 400 users and 541 sessions (none paid). By January 2019 – just 15 months later – we saw a total of 3,148 users and 4,084 sessions  (none paid). That was a 687% improvement in monthly organic users and a 655% improvement in monthly organic sessions. For the first 15 months, we saw a total of 32,012 users and 44,352 sessions on a site that had just launched a few months before we started SEO optimization.

Nov 2017: 400 users/month — Jan 2019: 3,148 users/month – up 687%

At the same time, we were also tracking goals. For this client, goals included contact pageview and CallRail tracked calls. In the first month, there were only 3 goal completions. In the last month of this case study, we saw 218 goal completions or 7,167% more than the first month.

Nov 2017: 3 goal completions – Jan 2019: 218 goal completions — 7,167% more.

Overall, the client has been very pleased with the improvement in organic search traffic and leads acquired from our efforts. Not only did total traffic improve from valuable traffic sources (SEO, Direct, and Referral), but interested leads dramatically improved at the same time. This combination of improved traffic and leads has encouraged our client to stay the course as we expect this year to be better than last.

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