How we helped a small landscape lighting manufacturer grow total visitor traffic by 126% even after the March 2023 Google Core Update. 

Website Focus: landscape lighting manufacturing
Services Provided: SEO management
Business Type: business to consumer ecommerce (Shopify)
Client Industry: landscape lighting

Case Summary: Haven Lighting Improves Organic Ranks & Traffic

Haven Lighting is known for its high-quality outdoor lighting solutions, specializing in landscape and architectural lighting products. They offer energy-efficient LED fixtures and accessories designed to enhance outdoor spaces while minimizing energy consumption.

In late 2023, Haven Lighting hired us to improve specific keyword ranks and consequently grow their SEO traffic. We narrowed down our optimization to 30 focus keywords with the aim of improving ranks and traffic on those keywords. As a result of our optimization, we achieved #1 ranks for 11 of the focus keywords and #1-3 ranks for 21 of our focus keywords. This resulted in improved 126% more monthly visitors and 104% more sessions bolstered by very little advertising.   

Lighting manufacturer total traffic trend – 6 months (Oct 2023-Mar 2024)

Challenge: Tough SEO Competition for ‘Landscape Lighting”

Top organic positions are very difficult to achieve for competitive keywords. And when your competition for “landscape lighting” keywords are and, it makes things even more difficult. These competitors spend millions on PPC traffic and brand recognition, not to mention all the big box retail stores that bolster their SEO profile. So it can be challenging to rank above competitors like these in the organic results and steal their traffic.  

In October 2023, Haven Lighting hired our team to help grow organic ranks and traffic for their main website. Though they earned modest success with other SEO firms, they were looking for more specific reporting and rank improvement for high-volume, high value keywords like “landscape lighting.” Our team was up for the challenge. 

Solution: Multiprong SEO Approach

We hit the ground running with a multiprong approach.

  • Identified 100 important keywords and 30 focus keywords
  • Reviewed and addressed some core technical SEO issues including site speed
  • Tested multiple ways to improve ranks on focus keyword pages
  • Created multiple pages to target some keywords they had not been targeting
  • Optimized existing pages currently targeting focus keywords
  • Link sculpting on website to help link juice to flow to certain pages
  • Targeted link building strategy for certain pages 

Results: 126% More Monthly Visitors

The results of the changes to the website, link sculpting, and new links traffic for our client turned into 126% more monthly traffic in only 6 months (year-over-year). Some of that improvement was a result of social media advertising. In addition, the client enjoyed a healthy lift in total sales during the same time period (we cannot report revenue improvements).  

The comparison time from was the 30-day period after 6 months compared to the same time frame one year before. Both we and our client were very pleased with the SEO and total traffic improvement.   

Moreover, our focus 30 keywords also dramatically improved in visibility, estimated traffic, and average position at the same time per SEMrush. For our focus keywords, keyword visibility rose from 13.94% to 55.39%, an improvement of 41.45% out of 100%. According to SEMrush, “visibility” can be defined as a metric showing how often your website is found on the Internet.

lighting manufacturer focus keyword visibility
Lighting manufacturer focus keyword visibility (per SEMrush)

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