How we helped a mid-sized memory care community website improve SEO users by 171% in user traffic after the 2021 Broad Core Algorithm Update.


Website Focus: lead generation for memory care residents
Services Provided: SEO management, PPC management
Business Type: business to consumer
Client Industry: assisted living and memory care communities

Case Summary: Memory Care Website Triple-Digit Recovery

Our client, Grand Brook Memory Care, provides assisted living and memory care in 10 communities in Texas, Arkansas, Indiana, and Michigan. In November 2021, Google rolled out the 2021 Broad Core Algorithm Update. As a result, our client’s total user traffic dropped 67% in one month.

After addressing some issues over the next few months, Google rewarded our efforts with an SEO recovery about a year later. Traffic returned to the pre-drop levels and even exceeded the highs in the previous year. In the end, total user traffic rose 171% comparing the 6-months after the drop to the same period a year later. 

Challenge: Google’s Algorithm Updates is always trying to improve results for its users. As a result, they spend millions of dollars in development and implement periodic updates to its algorithm to improve search results for users. Those Google algorithm updates sometimes help our clients and sometimes they don’t. suffered a significant loss of traffic after a core algorithm update in late 2021. 

In November of 2021, Google’s 2021 Broad Core Algorithm Update rolled out and total user traffic on our client’s traffic dropped 67%! Before that update, total SEO traffic had actually been improving. This update gutted our client’s organic search traffic so we had to build it back.   

Solution: Address Website, Content & Links Issues

In late 2021, we discovered the organic search traffic issue on the website was not a temporary glitch so the SEO drop needed to be addressed. We investigated the issue and determined that our client’s website was affected by the November 2021 Broad Core Algorithm update. Knowing we needed to fix this issue as soon as possible, we began rolling out changes to the website. These were the following updates we made over the next so many months.

  • Reviewed and addressed some technical SEO issues
  • Reviewed and addressed local SEO issues
  • Restarted monthly blog post that had been previously paused
  • Revised link building strategy  

Results: User Traffic Up 171%

The results of the changes to the website, along with another algorithm update in late 2022, resulted in a bump of total user traffic for our client of 171%, an increase of organic search user traffic of 99%, and an increase of direct user traffic of 561%. The comparison time from was the 6-month period after the original algorithm update compared to the same 6-month period a year later. Both our client and us were very pleased with the SEO improvement.   


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