How we used SEO to assist a Franklin Prefab of Austin company to expand from 20 to 2579 monthly users in 15 months through SEO – a 127X improvement.

Website Focus: lead generation
Services Provided: SEO management
Business Type: business to consumer
Client Industry: modular homes seller

Case Summary

In August 2020, the Search Pros team began working with Franklin Prefab of Austin (client) on SEO. We went from 20 users per month and 21 sessions per month to 2,579 users per month and 3,109 sessions per month in the first 15 months of working with the customer. That’s an increase of 12,795% in monthly users and 14,704.76% in monthly sessions!

Although we bought some paid traffic in the middle of the engagement (1,009 users / 1,186 sessions), nearly all of the 32,012 users came from organic sources like Google organic, Bing organic, direct, etc.


In August 2020, we began optimizing, just a few months after it launched its original website. It’s always a challenge to get attention from the search engines during the sandbox period, which lasts around a year after a site launches, as it is with any new website. We have, however, previously dealt with newer websites and are familiar with how to overcome some of the typical search engine blockages that new sites experience. A new B2C company can improve their search results in Google and other search engines – we aim to really help our clients succeed.


In August 2020, Search Pros completed our process-driven SEO management by fixing all of the core issues revealed during our detailed technical assessment. Following that, we began updating the site by using our unique keyword map approach to target specific pages on the site to better match search phrases that actual customers were typing into search engines. We subsequently started accumulating relevant backlinks, which helped to boost the domain authority in the market even further. Finally, in the cities the customer wished to target in Texas, we improved some local map listings (Google My Business). All of these factors contributed significantly to the website’s authority and overall traffic in a rapidly growing market.


15th Month to 1st Month Comparison

In September 2020, Franklin Prefab of Austin saw a total of 20 users and 21 sessions (none paid). By October 2021 – just 15 months later – we saw a total of 2,579 users and 3,109 sessions (none paid). That was a 12,795.00% improvement in monthly users and a 14,704.76% improvement in monthly sessions.

First 15 Months Organic Traffic Improvement

For the first 15 months, we saw a total of 23,431 users and 31,111 sessions on a site that had just launched a few months before we started SEO optimization.