How we helped a startup consumer package goods (CPG) company’s SEO sessions improve 5,614% over four years or an average of 1,404% more monthly sessions per year.

Website Focus: essential oils consumer package goods
Services Provided: organic search optimization (SEO) & paid search management (PPC), and Facebook Ads management
Business Type: business to consumer
Client Industry: alternative health

Case Summary

The Search Pros team began digital growth services in early 2016 with Oilogic Care. Over the course of ~4 years, we worked to improve the client’s organic search visibility, paid search advertising from Google, and Facebook Ads management.

When we completed the project, the client received a massive 894% increase in total monthly traffic (Nov 2019 vs. Nov 2015) over a 4 year period – 13,126 vs 1,320. Most of the traffic was organic search (44%) and direct (23%) which accounted for 74% of the total traffic at the same time. SEO sessions rose from 101 sessions/month to 5,771 session/month – an improvement of 5,614% – or an average of 1,403.5% per year!


When we began the project, Oilogic was a brand new company. They were beginning to build partnerships with local retailers, but they had a very small online presence. They had little traction online and were just starting to invest in digital optimization. Our team was tasked with growing out their digital channel.


We worked with the founders to build an online strategy that could be both sustainable and long-term. We opted to invest in organic search optimization with some paid search campaigns to start generating some online revenue. We also tested out some Facebook Advertising, thought that was not as successful as the search channels.

  • Initial keyword research
  • Onsite organic search optimization
  • Strategic link building
  • Authoritative link outreach
  • Pay per click / Google Ads management
  • Facebook Ads management
  • Digital strategy


Annual traffic improved every complete year we worked with Oilogic. Monthly total traffic was 1,320 sessions in November 2015 (just before we started working with the client). Monthly total traffic settled in at 13,126 in November 2019 – four years later. The total traffic improvement was 894.4% or an average of 223% per year.

For pure SEO, the benchmark month was 101 sessions in November 2015. In November 2019, SEO session were up from 101 sessions/month to 5,771 session/month. That’s an improvement of 5,614% – or an average of 1,403.5% per year (5,771 vs. 101)!

Original Month (November 2015):

essential-oils-nov-2015 search pros

Final Month (November 2019):

essential-oils-nov-2019 search pros

In addition to the solid improvement we saw on direct traffic, SEO revenue, PPC results, and muted Facebook Ads management. Not everything we tried worked for the client, but what we committed to did produce sustained results for the client.

Overall, the client was very pleased with the improvement in their search marketing. We proved a new traffic channel for them and they shipped consistent orders over the course of nearly 4 years we worked for the client.

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