How we helped a millennial finance blog increase click rates +579% & revenues +104% in annual sales (and counting)!

Website Focus: finance blog for millennials
Services Provided: email marketing, consulting
Business Type: business to consumer
Client Industry: personal finance

Case Summary

The Search Pros team started an email marketing engagement with a millennial finance blog (client) in the Spring 2018 – it lasted 3 months. The client is a finance blogger for millennials – a pretty cool niche! He was already doing some email marketing and had a welcome autoresponder in place. But the client set his sites on more profits through affiliate marketing. He hired our team to help maximize the ROI from his email marketing.

When we completed the project, the client received a massive 579.2% increase in previous click thru rates from email marketing. At the same time, he also saw a 104% increase in yearly sales across an entire automated welcome series of 15 emails. Open rates broke 50% and click rates hit 16.3% – outstanding results for any email marketing!


When we started the project, we faced an uphill battle. The existing client email list of 2000+ names were dated. At one time, they email prospects were interested in our client’s content, but interest had waned over the months – and sometimes years. We needed to re-invigorate the list or we would never hit our revenue goals for the client.


Search Pros employed members of our creative team, especially Kyle Mucha our conversion and email marketing specialist. We used a seven-step process to drive more response and profits from the new email marketing / email automation engagement.

  • Increased the frequency of the mailings.
  • Transitioned from daily emails to weekly emails.
  • Used hooks to keep the engagement going.
  • Created (and maintained) an interesting narrative.
  • Built more authority and social proof.
  • Encouraged massive action.
  • Gave people a reason to keep returning.



The existing autoresponder was generating a 30.1% open rate and a 2.4% click rate – not bad, but also not great. After implementing the new email marketing autoresponder / automation, open rates improved to 52.8% (up +75.4%) and click rates improved 16.3% (up +579.2%)!

Email Marketing: Old Results


Email Marketing: New Search Pros Results


In addition to the solid improvement in email marketing opens and clicks, the client realized more revenue from several affiliate offers – up 104% vs. previous year. Because of client confidentiality, we cannot share screenshots of that information.

Overall, the client was very pleased with the improvement in email marketing efforts. Not only did clicks and revenue improve, our team helped breathe new life into the email channel that had grown stale – which meant new life (and revenue) for his business.

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