5 Ways to Get the Most From Your Facebook Fan Page

Five ways to keep your social media presence buzzing on Facebook.

There is no doubt that a Facebook presence is an asset to any company.  It is another outlet for clients to show their support and for your company to gain more clients and fans.  It is certainly a turn off to a potential client to see a barren Facebook page.  Here are 5 tips to keep your page buzzing in to the new year! (Happy 2013, by the way).

1)  Page Design

Facebook now gives you the option to have a profile picture as well as a “cover photo.”  Since there isn’t much you can do to make your Facebook page stand out, it’s important to make use of all the features they make available.  Having a cover photo gives your page personality as well as making it more professional and interesting to potential clients.  Below is a screen shot of the Search Traffic pro fan page.  You can see how the background photo makes the page pop.

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2)  Content

The easiest way to optimize content for your facebook page is to link it to your blog and Twitter.  This way, you don’t have to worry about keeping your Twitter, Facebook, and blog active separately– they will all be linked to one place.  Let your fans know about all the happenings in your company, Facebook is a place to share!  Post Happy Holiday greetings, anniversary announcements when your company turns one, and more–all of this keeps you showing up on your fans’ newsfeed!

3)  Active Newsfeed

Keeping the news feed active is always important, the more active you are the more you’ll show up in the feed of your fans.  Gaining new fans, and becoming a fan of other pages like yours are all important features that show up on your Facebook fan page so keep up your activity.  Also keep in mind that the first 160 words of your posts will be used as the metafeed for searches.  “Likes” on your posts and to your page up your ranking in organic searches, though they don’t have as big an effect as Google+ or Yelp.

4)  Fans

Getting fans to “like” your page is what will benefit you most in having a Facebook fan page.  Make use of the features that Facebook has to offer in gaining Fans!  They offer to send e-mails to your contacts notifying them to “like” your fan page.  You are also able to post the fan page to your personal Facebook.  Make use of their invite feature and invite friends of your personal page to “like” your business page.  Facebook makes it easy, so take advantage!

5)  Everything in moderation

The most important thing to keep in mind with optimizing your Facebook page to suit your company is EVERYTHING IN MODERATION.  I put that in caps intentionally, though if I was using Facebook, I may not have which brings me to the point I must illustrate and you must pay attention to.  The worst mistake people can make on Facebook is to oversaturate and bombard friends and fans.

Think of how annoying it is when Aunt Sally posts about her “causes” on your Facebook page every day, you don’t want to become Aunt Sally to your friends, clients, or partners.  One fan request or e-mail to let people know to “like” your page will suffice, they do not need continual invites they will either fan you or they won’t.  You also don’t want to oversaturate the news feed with items you are sharing on your page, I will repeat it once more and then never again because I don’t want to bombard you, the reader: everything in moderation.